About us

Hydroarch s.r.l. is an independent technical-economic company of engineering consultants with high-level multidisciplinary competence.

Hydroarch was formed by pooling the technical experience and the professional and managerial capabilities of the experts concerned.

Hydroarch has directly carried out or participated in-through its individual members - a series of projects and measures in:

  • Africa: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Maurice Islands, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Tchad, Zaire, Zambia
  • Asia: Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • America: Barbados, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, U.S.A., Venezuela
  • Europe: Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Jugoslavia, Kosovo, Lettonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ucraina

Key Staff

Below You can find a brief descriptions of some of the most representative main consultants of Hydroarch. Moreover, it is worth to mention 22 associated experts taking part in the company as engineer, geologist, architect, economist, agronomist, biologist, social scientist, surveyor, and roughly 200 employees engaged in several technical assistance construction works and direction in foreign countries.

Flow chart organization

Dr. Eng. Catello Masullo
Dott. Ing. Catello Masullo Chairman of the Board, CEO, Hydroarch’s Partner and Technical Director, Dams Department’s Manager. Mr. Masullo is an hydraulic engineer. He has worked as Project Manager in the design of Great Civil Works qualified in major civil engineering structure, in water projects and environmental impact studies, dams planning and environmental impact assessment studies. Since 1979, he has been lecturer in Hydraulic Construction at University of Rome La Sapienza –Engineering Department. Since 2006 he has been professor in "Water Services Management" at the 3rd University of Rome, Engineering Department. He is the author of several scientific research paperts. Formerly in charge of the Dams sector LUCIO SANTOVITO Engineering Company Srl and Project Manager of the Water Sector in BONIFICA Spa - IRI-ITALSTAT Group. Member of the Hydraulics Italian Group. Member of the Italian National Large Dams Committee. Member of the Italian Hydrotechnics Association (and member of the Executive Board of the Central Italy Section). Member of the Sanitary Engineering National Association. Member of the OFF-SHORE Italian Engineering Association. Member of Engineers and Architects Union in Rome, and Member of the Rotary Club Roma Cassia.
Dott. Arch. Laura Ferretti
Dott. Arch. Laura Ferretti Architect. Hydroarch's associate and Member of the Board of Directors. QSM manager. Responsible for the URBAN Sector. Employee. She gained professional experience in the fields of urban planning and architectural design, regional planning, environmental impact studies. Since 2001 Hydroarch’s QSM manager, qualified as Internal Auditor both first and second party.

Eng. Salvatore Lanzalaco
Hydroarch's associate. Engineer. Responsible for the FOREIGN IRRIGATION Sector of HYDROARCH. Project chief in numerous projects of integrated development, irrigation, infrastructures in developing countries.
Ms. Francesca Giorgi
Hydroarch’s employee. Responsible of administrative tender’s documents.
Ms. Claudia Forte
Hydroarch’s employee. Head of Accounting and Purchasing department. Management of both Italian and foreign account. Responsible of administrative tender’s documents.
Ms. Clara Piazzalunga
Hydroarch’s employee. General Secretary.