Services supplied

Hydroarch offers technical and economic consulting services in the above mentioned sector of activity including, among others::

  • Every activity concerning service concessions;
  • Technical and economic assistance to the finding funds at national and international organizations;
  • Economic, socio-economic and financial studies;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Preliminary and feasibility studies;
  • Detailed designs;
  • Detailed designs under construction;
  • Preparation of contract/tender documents;
  • Bills of quantity and estimates;
  • Expropriation procedures;
  • Assistance in contract award phases;
  • Publications and realization of competition procedures until the award;
  • Work supervision, control and overseeing;
  • Technical assistance and staff training.

Each project is carefully assessed from the socio-economic aspect in order to ensure its optimal suitability and adaptability to technical and economic structures and to development plans of the Client's country.

The sound training programs are prepared and carried out according to the advancement of each project, in order to guarantee their success when their management is handled over to the Client.

Training programs are tailored to Client's specific requirements and are managed in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in the process of ā€œknow-howā€ actual transfer.